The 10 Most Expensive And Luxury Hiking Boots

The 10 Most Expensive And Luxury Hiking Boots

Fashion isn’t only for the city! In fact, trails, mountains, and local parks are amazing places to show off your freshest new footwear!

Sneakerheads and fashionistas worldwide wouldn’t dare hit the trails with anything less than a unique pair of luxury hiking boots. Luckily for them, manufacturers such as Gucci, Nike, and even Jimmy Choo are more than happy to cater to those who want to turn trails into catwalks.

Don´t be fooled by the tassels and patent leather though, some of these boots are seriously good for hiking!

We’ve scoured the internet and talked to those in the know to list some of the most limited-edition and expensive hiking boots of all time!



Availability: Rare

Price: 360$

Hiking Practicality: 10/10


One of the original “HYPE” brands has teamed up with the modern staple Timberland to cross fashion with function in this unique pair of luxury hiking boots. An absolute must-have for fashionable hikers, sneakerheads and trend hunters alike

These rare boots look amazing in full black materials and D-ring lace eyelets, even coming with a choice of 3 laces for your own personal touch. Along with their outstanding looks, they provide some great technologies such as:

  • RAINCOAT – Welded seams and made with specific fabric treatments, this garment protects against rainy conditions.
  • Vibram soles
  • Premium full-grain Better Leather upper from an LWG Silver-rated tannery for water, energy, and waste management
  • GORE-TEX® membrane for breathable waterproof protection
  • Removable anti-fatigue footbed provides shock absorption and energy return
  • Leather band on the rubber outsole


Availability: Rare

Price: 600$ +

Hiking Practicality: 3/10


If you like the color green, like really really like the color green, then these hiking boots are for you!

This rare collab with, Adidas and Jeremy Scott, creative director of the fashion house Moschino is bound to turn heads wherever you choose to trek.

With alligator-scaled, patent green leather, purple/blue logos, and supportive ankle cuffs, these hiking boots divide polar opinions. Do you love them or hate them?

Whilst being designed for the catwalk, these luxury hiking boots do have some great features that would be suitable for the trail, for instance:

  • Thick, grippy tread on the soles
  • Mid-length ankle support
  • Eye hooks for supportive lacing
  • Water and dirt resistance

The patent material would probably crack and fall apart in a matter of minutes in rough mountain conditions, but hay, who lets functionality get in the way of fashion?

If you want other hikers to be GREEN with envy this season then you can find these boots on rare shoe marketplace STOCKX


11 By Boris Bidjan Saberi x Salomon 2 GTX ankle boots

Availability: Good

Price: 1150$

Hiking Practicality: 9/10


Hiking giants Salamon have collaborated with Avant Garde Fashion Designer Boris Bidjan Saberi to produce something unique! 

These boots are built on the template of the highly revered Salmon Quest GTX hiking boot but with some added pazazz from the German designer. Coming in various bright colors, these will turn on the trails whenever you trek!

Along with unique designs these boots are packed with all the technology and quality of a high-end set of Salomon boots. Boasting:

  • Gore-tex waterproofing
  • Lightweight leather upper construction with lots of breathability
  • OrthoLite® footbed
  • Contagrip soles


Dior Hiking boot

Availability: Good

Price: 1156$

Hiking Practicality: 8/10


If you love hiking and have a spare thousand dollars then these understated Dior hiking boots perfectly mix fashion with function “lending a modern touch to any casual outfit”

Dior is not known for its mountain pedigree but these boots are actually one of the few high-fashion hiking boots we would be comfortable entering into the backcountry with.

Boasting seriously impressive features such as:

  • Technical mesh and rubber
  • High-top ankle support
  • Two-tone lace-up closure with back tab
  • Grippy soles with side/lateral grip (our favorite feature)
  • Side-sewn construction
  • Dust bag included
  • Rubber toe protection
  • Padded inserts

That said, there are not many reviews on how these boots function when hiking, and similar features can be found on boots at a 10th of the price. Super fans of Dior will care very little about this and will no doubt love the fact that the high fashion of the city can be taken into the outdoors.


Jimmy Choo - Chike Flat - The 10 Most Expensive And Luxury Hiking Boots

Availability: Good

Price: 1200$

Hiking Practicality: 4/10


Although not known for their hiking pedigree, Jimmy Choo has decided that hikers need fashion too! Developing their Chike Flat Hiking boot.

We like the old-school look and the overall feel of the boot, but wonder if the designers ever actually designed the boot for venturing out into the wild. That said, the boots do have a firm grippy sole, high cuffs, and a stable lacing system. The extra sock also adds a bit of warmth and comfort.

Although probably not fit for backcountry treks, these do look comfortable and functional.  Perfect for stylish Sunday treks, after-ski drinks, and strolling around mountain towns.

The Jimmy Choo Chike Flats boasts features such as:

  • Crosta suede
  • Mesh lining
  • JC logo metal hooks
  • Lace-up model
  • Thick sole
  • Made in Italy


nikie hiking boots chloe

Availability: Good

Price: 1237$

Hiking Practicality: 5/10


Chloe describes these boots as: “Inspired by vintage ski boots, the Nikie hiking ankle boot exudes an adventurous, sporty attitude while also making a bold winter fashion statement.”

Designed for looking great in fashionable ski resorts such as Aspen or Val D’Isere these boots might have accidentally included many features that would be great for hiking!

The lacing system, grippy sole, and rubber toe/heel cuffs are actually very good for walking over rough and slippy terrain. Providing a stable and comfortable platform to walk on. Some may wince at the thought of taking a 1300$ pair of boots into the wild, but some wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without a high fashion brand attached to their feet. If you are the latter, these boots are one of our favorite luxury hiking boots.


The 10 Most Expensive And Luxury Hiking Boots

Availability: Rare

Price: 1300$

Hiking Practicality: 7/10


These boots perfectly mix the simplicity and elegance of Prada’s designs with the utility of a hiking boot.

Although they would look great in the street of any city. These luxury hiking boots would also fit in well on the front country trails, national parks, and lakeside paths of the world.

The Brixxen Gabardine boots boast such features as

  • Injected rubber upper
  • Leather lining
  • High-quality D-ring lacing system
  • 10 cm bootleg
  • 30 mm rubber sole
  • Lug tread
  • Removable leather insole


Guidi Hiking Boots - The 10 Most Expensive And Luxury Hiking Boots

Availability: Good

Price: 1600$

Hiking Practicality: 2/10


These leather “hiking inspired” boots may look good whilst strutting your stuff in mountain towns but are pretty useless for hiking.

The reason for this is that the sole has very little stability (similar to the sole of a sneaker) and also has a leather section near the base, which would be easily destroyed.

These are for people who want to look like hikers but have no interest in venturing out into the wild. They do look nice though.


Church's Edelweiss Hiking Boot - The 10 Most Expensive And Luxury Hiking Boots

Availability: Good

Price: 1840$

Hiking Practicality: 7/10


Church´s describes these boots as  “a sporty silhouette that’s complemented by contrasting broad cotton laces adding to the hiker style.”

These solid, do-it-all boots are perfect for front-country hikes, and simple walks on rough ground and also would look great on a night out. Made with real leather, a stable lacing system and grippy rubber soles, they will provide everything that a hiker would like in fair weather and easy trail conditions.

When the trails get rough and long we would be looking for something much more specific, but if you are looking for a high-quality, luxury boot. These could be your answer.


The North Face X Gucci - Most expensive hiking shoes

Availability: Good

Price: 2300$

Hiking Practicality: 6/10


The North Face x Gucci collection! It’s a collaboration that brings together two brands with a shared history and values, all in the name of embracing the adventurous spirit. The North Face is known for its innovative and rule-breaking designs, and these luxury hiking boots are no exception. They’ve got unique and eye-catching details that set them apart.

But it’s not just about fashion. The North Face has always been about inclusivity, and they’ve been championing women in male-dominated fields right from the start. Their mission goes beyond just creating stylish gear – they want to help adventurers not only make exciting physical discoveries but also discover themselves in the process.


Thom Browne Hiking Boots

Availability: Good

Price: 3250$

Hiking Practicality: 0/10


Please please don´t go hiking in these boots. If you want to spend 3250$ then buy all of your friends and family brand new hiking boots then go enjoy yourself.

In fact, we are not exactly sure what these luxury hiking boots are for, but would 100% be keeping them away from any kind of moisture or dirt. Maybe just for stroking

If you are however a fashionista these give off hiking vibes whilst looking very much like a high fashion statement.

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