Is Hiking Every day good for you?

Is Hiking Every Day Good For You? (Solved)

Yes! Hiking every day is good for you and there are so many reasons why!

There is more to hiking than just exercise. Millions of hikers worldwide regularly roam the mountains, forests, coastlines, riversides, and cities of the world. Benefiting from their adventures in many ways. Let’s find out how…

Benefits Of Hiking Every Day

Hiking doesn’t always involve long strenuous walks with a huge backpack over rugged terrain. A hike can be a simple walk of as little as a mile, anywhere you like.

Our favorite definition of a hike is by which states that:

“Hiking is an outdoor activity which consists of walking in natural environments, often in mountainous or other scenic terrains”

Hiking every day can have many benefits for your body and mind, helping you to lead a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle.

Let’s explore some of these benefits…

Lose Body Fat

Hiking every day can be a fantastic way to lose body fat whilst keeping, even building muscle. Making for a flat stomach and a great-looking pair of legs

Hiking is usually completed at a higher pace than walking. This pace raises the heart rate much higher than usual, meaning that hiking is classed as a cardio exercise.

Cardio is one of the best ways to burn fat, not only from your belly but all over your body. What´s great about hiking is that unlike running, it does not feel like you are exercising. When in fact you are torching calories!

In Summary: Paired with a healthy diet, hiking is the perfect pastime to maintain a healthy weight and lose unwanted body fat.

Strengthen Your Muscles and Bones

Hiking is a full-body workout! Especially when you hike with some trekking poles and a heavy backpack.

Experienced hikers will usually have slender and healthy bodies with fantastic muscle definition. This is not by chance. The mountains and wilderness have built their muscles and strengthened their bones. Giving them extra strength and endurance to cover large distances on foot

The undulating terrain of a hike can be similar to walking up and down hundreds of stairs, but with rocks and slippy surfaces thrown into the mix for good measure. This means that during a hike, your body can be put through its paces which may cause some soreness the next day but ultimately will build muscle and strengthen bones.

One of the great things about hiking every day is that you choose the pace and the route. If you want to work up a sweat and gain some muscle, go for it! If you prefer a gentle stroll through nature, that´s cool with us too.

Hiking every day will not make you look like a bodybuilder but will strengthen your muscles and bones.

The extra strength can have many benefits :

  • Improved balance
  • Better coordination
  • More muscle endurance
  • Less chance of injury
  • Fewer aches and pains


Improve Your Mood And Your Sleep

Hiking in nature has been proven to improve your mood and your sleep.

There is something about walking through nature that seems to reduce our stress levels and bring us back down to earth. A 2018 study found that:

“walking in nature has restorative effects over and above the effects of exposure to nature scenes (viewing nature on TV) or physical exercise alone (walking on a treadmill in a gym) and these effects are greater when participants were expected to be more stressed.”

Hiking every day can be the perfect way to escape the phone, the laptop, the meetings, and the emails. Escaping to a more tranquil place, returning rejuvenated and a little fatigued. A stress-free, good night’s sleep may only be a few footsteps away!

Is Hiking Every Day Good For You? (Solved)


A Great Way To Meet New People And Make Friends

The wilderness is full of birds, wild animals, and fantastic people!

When hiking, it is common to say hi and start up a conversation with people you meet. You can discuss the weather and the conditions of the trails. Passing on, or receiving some great information about the local area!

If you hike every day in the same area or are following a popular route across the country, you may bump into the same hikers often. Striking up a friendship or partnering to join resources. Some of the best friends we have were made on our hiking adventures around the world.

For those looking to meet new people and find hiking partners for their journey, hiking groups and internet hiking forums are the perfect way to meet like-minded people and plan some adventures together.



Tips For Hiking Every Day

Those looking to hike every day or several consecutive days are undertaking a big challenge, for their body and mind.

Here are a few thongs to consider before undertaking such a challenge.



Start Slowly And Build Strength

If you have just started hiking or have been out of the game for a while, you may not have the fitness required to cover long hikes over rough terrain.

We recommend you take it easy for the first few days, even weeks. Picking hikes that you know well or have planned. In no time at all, you will be smashing through the miles with little to no fatigue.

Remember hiking every day is a long game.

Pro Tip – Some pains are worth pushing through, and some are not.  If you feel fatigued, are carrying an injury, or are worried about the next part of your hike; Take a day or 2 to rest. Your body will thank you for it.




Have The Perfect Setup

If you plan to hike every day, the equipment you choose will be important. It will be attached to you over hundreds of miles so must be very comfortable and must have a use. As much as you love your favorite teddy bear, it might not have a place on this adventure…Sorry

The clothing that you choose must fit well and be of good quality. It will be washed and dried almost every day.

Many people find that the equipment they need for such challenges is perfected on the route. You soon discover what is worth, and not worth carrying.

Whilst packing for a hike ask yourself these questions:

Do I want it? 

Do I need it? 

Is there a better option? 

If you are looking for ideas on what to pack on your journey, check out this blog from Well Planned Journey

Have A Plan

Hiking every day can be a big challenge but having a plan makes it a little easier.

That plan may be to walk to the top of every hill or mountain in your area, across your state, or even your country!  Having a challenge in mind and planning accordingly should keep your motivation high and help you to complete your goals.

A plan can also help you to prepare the equipment necessary for each stage of your journey.

Take A Friend

Long hikes by yourself can be a little boring and hiking every day may take a lot of motivation. Hiking with a friend or loved one can make a huge difference for motivation, endurance, and safety.

Hiking is also a great way to connect with friends and loved ones. Taking the time to share an experience together without phones or TV screens has been proven to bring people together.



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