Are Salomon Hiking Boots Worth The Money?

Are Salomon Hiking Boots Worth The Money?

Are Salomon Hiking Boots Worth The Money?

Salomon produces some of the highest-quality adventure footwear on the market today. Made with cutting-edge technology, their hiking boots often outperform similar products from other high-end brands. In our view, Salomon hiking boots are definitely worth the money!

Read on to learn more about Salomon and its range of hiking boots.

Who Are Salomon?

Georges Salomon founded the Salomon group in 1947 in the historic town of Annecy, often referred to as the heart of the French Alps.

Inspired by the surrounding mountains and his passion for skiing, Georges worked in his father’s workshop to develop new ski technologies that would completely change the skiing industry. His inventions such as the beveled metallic edge were constantly tested and pushed to their limits in the ski resorts above the town.

In the late 70s, Salomon launched into the footwear market with their iconic ski boot the SX90, also revolutionizing the sport of cross-country skiing with their new boot and binding system.

Realizing that some cross-country ski boot technology could be adapted to suit the requirements of alpine hiking, Georges and his team got to work. Developing and releasing a futuristic-looking range of hiking boots, launching in 1992. The same year the Winter Olympics came to the neighboring city of Albertville.

Since the release of their hiking boots along with skis, snowboards, clothing, and even rollerblades, the Salomon Group has grown from strength to strength and is the top choice for professional athletes, all around the world.

Never losing touch with their mountain roots, The Salomon headquarters remains in Annecy to this day.

Is Salomon A Good Brand

Salomon is considered one of the top brands in the sports equipment industry. They are known for producing a wide range of products, including hiking and trail running shoes, skiing and snowboarding gear, outdoor apparel, and other outdoor equipment.

Salomon is often praised for their innovative designs, quality materials, and technology incorporated into their products.

Many outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, and professionals in various outdoor sports trust Salomon products in some of the most extreme and sometimes life-threatening conditions. If that´s not a vote of confidence we don´t know what is!

How Much Do Salomon Hiking Boots Cost?

Salomon produces a wide range of hiking boots and shoes to suit everyone from entry-level to expert hikers.

Those new to hiking may pick a lower-priced model from the range as the boots will not be used for very long hikes or in extreme conditions. That being said, Salomon tries to provide the highest quality of materials and build in every one of its shoes.

Approximate retail prices for the 2023 Solomon hiking boot range are as follows 

Men’s Hiking Boot Range

Model Price
Quest 4 Gore-Tex$230

Women’s Hiking Boot Range

Model Price

Why Are Salomon Hiking Boots Worth The Money?

Salomon is one of the highest-regarded and most popular hiking boots brands. When consumers purchase a new pair of Salomon boots they know that they are buying some of the most technically advanced and most durable boots on the market.

Consumers can also be safe in the knowledge that all products come with a 2-year warranty and that they will be joining a large community of like-minded users with expansive knowledge of how to best use and care for Salomon products.

The simple mission statement of the company best describes its values and the values of its perceived customers:

“Play to Enjoy, Play to Progress, Play with the Rules. We create the next generation of gear and experiences that make people live the joy of progression of their sport(s) throughout our unique mindset.”

Salomon Hiking Boot Features

Salomon hiking boots come with many great features and technology, some unique to the brand and some universally available. Hikers will find that normally the more they pay for the boot, the more features they will get.

More is not always better and those on a budget or who don’t require features such as waterproofing or shock-absorbing soles can save some money by choosing a lower to mid-range boot.

Here are some of the features you can expect from Salomon hiking boots:

All Terrain Contagrip®

This high-tech tread provides maximum levels of grip on a wide range of surfaces and is fairly durable.

4D Advanced Chassis™

This outsole feature (sole of the boot) guides the foot, even on the roughest terrain, reducing fatigue, potential slips, and the chance of injury.


GORE-TEX fabric provides the highest standard of waterproofing and breathability available.


This midsole feature provides cushioning and comfort, allowing you to hike for longer with less fatigue.


This feature cradles the foot from the midsole to the lacing system, providing a secure, snug, and virtually customized fit all around the foot.

Protective mudguard

A waterproof and durable material that sits above the sole, wrapping around the boot to protect the hiker from wet feet and prolonging the life of the boot.

Active Support

This feature is a high cuff that gives hikers stability and holds their foot into the boot.

Molded OrthoLite® Insole

This insole provides maximum comfort and support for the foot whilst also providing thermal and antibacterial properties.


A simple system that allows hikers to tighten or loosen boots quickly without tieing a knot

Lace locker

A locking eyelet between the forefoot and ankle eyelets locks the laces in place, enabling independent and precise adjustment.



Do Salomon Hiking Boots Cost More Than Similar Brands

Salomon hiking boots compete with other major manufacturers such as Adidas, Nike, Merrell, Hoka, Scarpa, and Sportiva, they tend to be right in the middle for quality vs price but where Salomon stands out is in their product range…

The company offers a larger variety than many of its competitors when it comes to types of hiking boots, prices, and designs. For this reason, it can be easier for hikers to find the boots they are looking for at a price that suits them.

Due to the large product range and options available it is not uncommon to find Salomon hiking boots on sale. Hikers willing to shop around or wait until the end of the hiking season can sometimes find a high-end pair of Salomons hiking boots at an extremely competitive price.

Why Do People Choose Salomon Over The Competition?

Hikers may choose to buy a pair of Salomon hiking boots over another brand for some of the reasons below:

Time In The Market

Salomon has been producing mountain adventure equipment for over 70 years. With their history firmly rooted in the rugged alpine landscape of the French Alps, consumers can be confident that the products that they buy are developed from years of testing and improvement.


One of the most popular hiking boot brands in the world, Salomon gear is often the choice of professional mountain guides, Olympians, and enthusiasts alike. There is a huge community of Salomon lovers out there with lots of helpful info and tips to share.

Availability And Choice

Salomon hiking boots are available both online and in stores, they tend to keep a good stock with a variety of sizes so hikers should find it easy to find a boot that suits them.


The company holds many patents for materials and technology that are uniquely available on its equipment. These features often make Salomon stand out from competitors.

Salomon shoes often come with colorful soles or bright fabrics. Hikers wearing them leave little doubt as to the brand they have on. This can be a huge turn-off for some who like their hiking a little more low-key, but for those looking for some fun and fashion the boots are a firm favorite.

Resale Value

Due to their popularity and durability, Salomon hiking boots can hold their value more than other brands.

Aftersales Support

Salomon offers a minimum of a 2- year warranty on materials and manufacturing defects which is 1 year more than some of its competitors.

Along with an online after-sales support team, there are also huge Salomon communities on pages such as Meta, Reddit, Youtube, and of course The Mountain Network with great reviews and tips on how to get the best out of your boots.

Final Thoughts

This article might seem like a Salomon promotion but we assure you that this is in no way affiliated with the company.

As experienced hikers that have used and tested hundreds of boots on too many adventures to mention, we can honestly say that Salomon consistently comes out as one of our favorite and most reliable adventure brands. Not just for hiking boots but also for winter sports and running equipment.

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