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Welcome To The Mountain Network, A community of mountain sports athletes and adventures, looking to share a wealth of Alpine experience with anyone who will listen!

If you love mountain sports such as Hiking, Skiing, Snowboarding, Mountain biking, Snowshoeing, Camping, Trekking, climbing, Trail running or just enjoying the amazing nature of the mountains then you have come to the right place!

The knowledge shared on the site is built from years of experience in mountain living, playing and competing. From equipment advice to route planning to helpful tricks and tips, our writers have the credentials to confidently point you in the right direction.

The Mountain Network Mission

We have created this page with 2 missions:

1. Use in-depth experience from mountain sports athletes to provide helpful tips and product reviews for a wide range of mountain sports.

2. Connect mountain-based businesses with the right customers, helping them gain more visitors to both their websites and physical stores.

skiier in powder

A Message From The Founder

Hi! Nice to meet you, and thanks for visiting The Mountain Network

The site was founded by myself, Ross Kemp in 2022 to provide great tips and advice for mountain adventurers of all levels.

It´s impossible to know everything about mountain sports and lifestyle, and there are no stupid questions when it comes to safely enjoying this beautiful alpine world. So I sat down at my laptop and started to create this site, intending to pass on what I have learned from my experiences along with other great tips from other experienced mountain lovers.

We hope that The Mountain Network brings value to you and inspires you to get out into the wilderness and enjoy everything it has to offer.

My Story

I grew up in the Scottish Highlands and have been obsessed with the feeling of wondering in nature from my first memory right up until today.

Joining the Boy Scouts at an early age taught me so much about navigation, camping, scavenging, safe fire-making, and cooking in the wild. The scouts also introduced me to friends who enjoyed exploring as much as I did!, We soon created a cliche and week by week headed deeper into the wilderness.

Thankfully Scotland is not short on trails and wilderness but also comes with lots of bad weather, often experiencing 4 seasons in one day! This only accelerated our learning, teaching me how to handle myself in all weather conditions, and what equipment I needed to go further. A night in a hail storm in the middle of summer will soon teach you to expect the unexpected!

As I grew, I started to mix my passion for the outdoors with sports such as mountain biking, surfing, skiing, and snowboarding which led me to travel and compete all around Europe. These passions sparked the travel bug in me and led me to some incredible destinations, eventually to the French Alps. A place that I am now lucky enough to call home.

Living in a small mountain town, surrounded by nature allows me to enjoy my passions every day, along with providing a fantastic base in which to launch adventures. It´s not all sports though! The scenery, food, vibe, and community make this little piece of the valley feel like home.

To me, there is little more relaxing than the sights, smells, and feeling that you get from getting away from it all. Especially when the experience is shared with friends or loved ones. Luckily, my wife, dog, and family are equally passionate about living in the mountains and together we go on some amazing adventures. Some I have written about on my blog.

me wearing the TR2