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Korua Snowboards – Everything You Need To Know!

Korua Shapes is a relatively new but well-respected snowboard company, known for producing high-quality boards with unique designs.

Their boards are favored by many pro riders such as legend  Spencer O´Brien, who appreciated the brand’s emphasis on carving, freeride, and powder-oriented shapes.

If you like your top sheets minimalistic and your snow powdery then Korua Shapes are right up your street!

In this article, we will look deeper into Korua shapes and help you to find out which board in their range suits you best.

The Korua Brand

KORUA is a German snowboard company founded in 2012 by Nicholas Wolken and Stephan Maurer, long-time snowboarders, and friends.

Inspired by Japan’s snow-surf culture and deep powder boards, they aimed to create unique and easy-to-ride snowboards for their home mountains, the Alps.

They got to work, designing boards featuring exceptional carving abilities on groomers and effortless powder riding.

You may have noticed that all of the boards in the Korua range lack colorful designs and garish logos but this is no mistake. The brand looks to make its mark on the snowboard world by prioritizing timeless design, offering minimal graphics, and focusing on performance rather than seasonal collections. Something we absolutely love!

But wait, there’s more! Korua are committed to sustainability and donate 1% of their annual sales to environmental NGOs through their partnership with 1% For The Planet.

Their journey combines a love for snowboarding with a dedication to protecting the environment. Shut up and take our money!

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Who Should Buy Korua Snowboards?

Korua snowboards are best suited for intermediate to advanced riders who enjoy carving, freeriding, and powder-oriented snowboarding.

If you love making smooth, powerful turns on groomed slopes and seek an exhilarating experience in deep powder, Korua snowboards could be an excellent choice for you.

These boards are designed to excel in a variety of snow conditions and terrains, making them versatile options for all-mountain riding. They are particularly favored by those who appreciate a surf-inspired feel on the snow and value a more soulful and artistic approach to snowboarding.

Who Shouldn´t Buy Korua Snowboards?

Beginners or those who don´t snowboard often might find the boards a little aggressive. There are more forgiving options out there.

Also, those who like louder designs and more traditional snowboard shapes may want to look to large more universal companies such as Burton or Ride

Are Korua Snowboards Good?

Korua snowboards have been well-regarded and highly praised by many pro and amateur riders.

Looking through the internet and on the review site we could find nothing but good reviews of Korua snowboards. Especially when it came to speed and control.

Some of the customer feedback includes reviews such as:

“found the board easy to tame. Impressed with speed control, carving ability, and ease in powder and switch riding.” – Transition Finder Snowboard Review 

“If you are looking for an all mountain fun machine and don’t want to spend too much time in the park, look no further!” – Cafe Racer Snowboard Review

“This thing is so fast you can keep up with the faster skiers, I couldn’t believe it. Extremely fast edge to edge transition, slashes through all sorts of slope conditions, carves like a knife. I have been snowboarding for 30 years and must say this thing gets you snowboarding on a whole other level.”- Dart Snowboard Review 

“I found the joy of snowboarding again. Great board on groomers but also in the trees & powder. Pencil really does it all.” – Pencil Snowboard Review

What’s The Difference Between The Regular and Plus Models?

The difference between the regular and Plus models is in the construction, design…And of course the price

Regular Korua snowboards are constructed with: 

  • Biaxial fiberglass, UV lacquer top sheet
  • Poplar light wood core
  • High-end Perlatec base
  • White top sheet with black base

Korua Plus Snowboards are constructed with:

  • Biaxial fiberglass, UV lacquer top sheet
  • Titanium construction, bionic core design
  • Graphite Perlatech base
  • An all-black top sheet and base.

But what does this mean we hear you ask!

Basically the titanium, bionic core allows the plus model to absorb vibrations at higher speeds whilst the graphite Perlatec base makes the board faster and more precise.

Korua also claims that the extra weight can also help to carry speed and momentum through powder but with only 200 grams difference for the 159 models (the same weight as an iPhone) We really don’t see how the weight will make much difference.

In short, the Plus model offers a smoother, faster, and more controlled ride with a stealthy black colorway 

The Korua Snowboard Range

Here is a quick description of each of the boards and what kind of snowboarding they are good for.

Korua snowboards - The Otis

The Otto

Price RRP: 449 Eur / 389 GBP / 499 USD – Plus model: 749 EUR / 648 GBP / 833 USD

Designed for: Freestyle, Park, All-mountain


Drawing inspiration from Koruas park-oriented ambassadors, the Otto stands out as a carving board with a strong emphasis on freestyle riding.

Designed with a twin-tip shape and a slightly softer flex and torsion compared to the rest of the range, it offers an incredibly playful and dynamic experience both on the slopes and in the air.

The Otto and Otto Plus are excellent choices for carving through side hits, conquering park features, and enjoying creative cruising all over the mountain. This board is the perfect companion for riders who want to prioritize their turns without compromising on freestyle performance.

Korua snowboards - Transition finder

The Transition Finder

Price RRP: 449 Eur / 389 GBP / 499 USD – Plus model: 749 EUR / 648 GBP / 833 USD

Designed for: All-mountain


The newly redesigned Transition Finder features a slightly reduced taper compared to the original model, making it an even more effective transition-seeking powerhouse.

This snowboard beautifully blends freeride, freestyle, and carving elements, catering to a surf-inspired riding style that encourages creative exploration across the entire mountain.

Its versatility shines as a solid all-around performer, effortlessly adapting to various riding styles, terrains, and conditions. Whether you’re carving on resort groomers, cruising through powder fields, or hitting parks and pipes, the Transition Finder proves to be an adaptable and dynamic companion for all your snowboarding adventures.

Cafe Racer

The Cafe Rider

Price RRP: 499 Eur / 431 GBP / 555 USD – Plus model: 749 EUR / 648 GBP / 833 USD

Designed for: All mountain, Carving


The Café Racer boasts a classic carving shape. Perfectly suited for precision turns while dominating groomed slopes on any piste you point it down.

While its primary focus lies in carving prowess, the Café Racer effortlessly transitions to off-piste adventures, delivering exceptional deep powder turns.

If your goal is to venture deeper into your turns and get that elbow on the ground, this board is tailor-made for you!

The Dart - Korua snowboards

The Dart & Dart Plus

Price RRP: 499 Eur / 431 GBP / 555 USD – Plus model: 749 EUR / 648 GBP / 833 USD

Designed for: Powder, Backcountry, Carving


The Dart draws inspiration from classic retro powder shapes but with a modern twist.

While it may appear to be a board only for powder days it is surprisingly versatile and rips both on and off-piste.

It’s a true all-mountain shredder, allowing riders to master their turning style while maintaining high-speed performance in all types of snow conditions.

Perfect for those seeking a board that combines timeless aesthetics, dynamic capabilities, and good times.

the Pencil

The Pencil

Price RRP: 499 Eur / 431 GBP / 555 USD – Plus model: 749 EUR / 648 GBP / 833 USD

Designed for: All mountain


The Pencil is Korua snowboard’s classic. Renowned for its versatility and effortless turns in any snow conditions.

It caters to riders seeking a one-board solution for all their adventures. This timeless shape has proven to be the go-to board for many of the Korua team riders.

The subtle swallowtail adds playfulness to the tail of the board while ensuring a stable edge hold. Its tapered outline enhances responsiveness, making it easy to set an edge and giving it a surprisingly compact feel.

The pointed nose keeps speed intact when exiting powder turns and minimizes spray, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Korua snowboards - The pin tonic

The Pin Tonic

Price RRP:499 Eur / 431 GBP / 555 USD

Designed for: Backcountry, Powder


The modern pin-tail shape caters to longboard enthusiasts of all sizes, not just tall riders.

It combines the turning agility of a shorter board with the benefits of its length, providing extra stability and surface area. These features deliver effortless float and speed in powder, allowing you to outpace friends stuck in deep snow.

The reduced effective edge enables remarkably short turns, and the pin-tail offers an exceptional response from the back foot, particularly at higher speeds. This also makes for easy switch riding without tail sinking.

This board excels in low-angle terrain and remains agile in tree-filled areas while maintaining speed. It’s the perfect choice for riders who desire a longboard that maneuvers like a shorter board but retains the advantages of its length.

The Pocket Rocket

The Pocket Rocket

Price RRP: 499 Eur / 431 GBP / 555 USD

Designed for: Carving, All mountain, Side hits


The Pocket Rocket is a micro-cruiser that offers a unique and exhilarating shredding experience. The latest version is now part of the classic line, equipped with traditional binding inserts and the same sidecut as its predecessor. This results in a tight-turning carving machine, perfect for lower speeds and mellow pistes.

It’s a super playful and easy-to-handle board, ideal for smaller features.

Reminiscent of an old-school skate deck, it’s short, loose, and delivers an exciting ride. The convex 3D-Base, along with taper and a small slit in the tail, allows for easy edge setting.

The board’s extreme width provides lift and unrestricted carving performance, especially noticeable when ridden with a narrower stance.

Overall, the Pocket Rocket delivers a thrilling and agile experience for riders looking for a compact and fun board.

The Uberegg

The Uberegg

Price RRP: 549 Eur / 473 GBP / 608 USD

Designed for: Powder, backcountry


This extraordinary design, created with pow-spitting aliens, features a positive sidecut radius and a long, drawn-out rocker profile, allowing it to accelerate at incredible speeds in powder due to its ample surface area. It provides an exceptional powder riding experience.

Aside from its outstanding performance in soft and deep snow, the Überegg remains enjoyable and easy to turn on hardpack. Its proper taper and full rocker make it forgiving, and suitable for beginners to have a great time on it.

The unique shape offers increased surface area where needed during deep snow days, taking powder riding to new dimensions. Get ready to take flight to powder heaven with the Überegg!

Korua snowboards - noserider

The Nose Rider

Price RRP: 899 Eur / 775 GBP / 996 USD

Designed for: Powder, drawing unique lines


The updated Noserider snowboard draws inspiration from log surfing and features an insert track, allowing riders to slide their feet along the board while riding.

It offers various binding positions, from centered for a familiar ride to all the way in the nose for hanging 10 and more trim. Alternatively, positioning the bindings in the back provides agility and maximum lift.

The Noserider is a fun and challenging board that encourages riders to relearn and rethink snowboarding. Its wingers in the tail, stubby nose, and specific sidecut ensure board control even when hanging 10 in the nose area. Once mastered, it delivers truly unique riding sensations like nothing else.

korua splitboard

Korua Splitboards

Korua’s splitboard range typically incorporated the same innovative design principles and unique shapes found in their solid snowboard lineup. These boards were tailored to excel in powder, freeride, and carving performance, ensuring an enjoyable and dynamic experience for splitboarding enthusiasts.

Their splitboards are available in their Dart, Transition Finder, and Pencil shapes, with an additional Plus model named the Escalator

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