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8 Amazing Outdoor Brands For Hikers On A Budget

DonĀ“t let money get in the way of your next adventure!

As the prices of outdoor clothing and gear seem to be skyrocketing these days (along with everything else), it has never been more important to get the best value out of your purchase.

Luckily for hikers on a budget, there are plenty of outdoor brands out there looking to stand out by offering quality, no-nonsense products that are still affordable.

Such brands do this by looking at what really works in a product and cutting out all of the “name brand” technologies that are used to market and sell higher-priced items. These products might be slightly heavier, slightly less waterproof, or not carry a fashionable brand name but are still perfectly adequate for almost all “normal” circumstances.

No matter if you are a beginner, looking for a cost-effective way to take your first steps into the wilderness, or a cash-strapped hiker looking for something new. The brands listed in this article are sure to give you the best bang for your buck.

When studying brands for this article, we looked into many aspects of each popular outdoor brand. Finding ones that offered cost-effective clothing and gear, whilst still providing high quality, durable, and good-looking products.

For each brand, we will explain a little about the company and how their products are perfectly balanced on the price/quality tightrope. Let’s dive in…

Outdoor Brands For Hikers On A Budget


Headquarters: France

Specialty: Absolutely everything!

Website: Click here

The French outdoor retail giant is one of the best in the game when it comes to offering high-quality hiking and outdoor equipment at a great price. It has sub-brands within the company that are especially devoted to outdoor adventures. These brands are called Quecha, Forclaz, and Arpenaz (click here to know the difference between these brands)

Decathlon design, manufacture, and distribute their products in-house, granting them direct control over the entire production process. By getting rid of the middle man, the brand can manage costs without compromising quality.

The company places a strong emphasis on value engineering. They innovate to find cost-effective alternatives in materials and production methods while maintaining product functionality and performance. Customer feedback plays a pivotal role in this process. Decathlon actively seeks input from athletes and users, enabling continuous improvement and refinement of their products. They have even a headquarters for mountain sports in the heart of the French Alps, allowing the engineers to design a product and put it to the test right away in some of the toughest conditions available.

Direct-to-consumer sales channels are another crucial element. By selling through their own retail stores and online platforms, Decathlon eliminates the need for third-party distributors, allowing them to maintain competitive prices.

We at The Mountain Network are big fans of decathlon products and often use them on our adventures.

is REI a good brand?


Headquarters: U.S.A

Specialty: Clothing

Website: Click here

REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc.) is a very popular brand for hikers on a budget. Founded in 1938, REI has built a reputation for offering entry-level products of exceptional quality.

REI curates a carefully chosen assortment of outdoor products, focusing on performance, durability, and reliability. This emphasis on product quality ensures that even their entry-level offerings meet the highest standards.

The cooperative business model is a cornerstone of REI’s approach. As a member-owned organization, REI prioritizes the interests of its customers and outdoor enthusiasts over maximizing profits. This cooperative structure allows them to reinvest in the business, sourcing products directly from manufacturers, and negotiating competitive pricing. These cost-saving measures contribute to their ability to offer high-quality products at reasonable prices.

REI places a strong emphasis on sustainability and ethical sourcing. Their commitment to responsible business practices extends to the products they offer.

Educational initiatives also set REI apart. The company provides resources and expertise to help customers make informed choices about their outdoor gear. This approach not only ensures that customers find the right products for their needs but also enhances their overall outdoor experience.

REI’s direct-to-consumer approach, with both physical stores and an online presence, allows them to maintain a close connection with their customers. This enables them to gather valuable feedback and insights, leading to continuous product improvements.

Outdoor Brands For Hikers On A Budget

Trespass Clothing

Headquarters: Scotland

Specialty: Clothing

Website: Click here

Trespass is a Scottish outdoor clothing and equipment brand that is well-known for its entry-level but high-quality products. Having grown up in Scotland the Trespass brand was a childhood staple and kept us warm as we forged our passion for the outdoors in the wet and cold Scottish Highlands.

Product quality is at the core of Trespass’s philosophy. They meticulously design and develop outdoor clothing and gear with a focus on performance, functionality, and durability. This dedication ensures that even their entry-level offerings are constructed to withstand the demands of outdoor adventures.

Trespass maintains a direct-to-consumer business model, selling its products through its own retail stores and online platform. This approach eliminates intermediaries and allows Trespass to exercise greater control over product pricing and quality. By engaging directly with customers, they gather insights and feedback that contribute to product enhancements and refinements.

Along with great products, Trespass also works hard to minimize its environmental impact and supports ethical production processes. This approach aligns with the growing demand for environmentally conscious products and resonates with consumers who value sustainability.

Furthermore, Trespass invests in product innovation and development. They continuously research and explore advancements in materials and design to create products that cater to evolving outdoor needs. This dedication to innovation ensures that their entry-level offerings remain relevant and competitive in the market.

Ozark Trail

Headquarters: U.S.A

Specialty: Camping

Website: Click here

Ozark Trail is a budget-friendly outdoor brand owned by the supermarket giant Walmart. It offers affordability and accessibility, making it a suitable choice for beginners or those on a tight budget. The brand’s products are easy to find, with availability at Walmart stores, providing convenience for last-minute outdoor gear needs.

With Walmart being so huge, it can easily find ways to cut down prices on Ozark Trail products and offer customers entry-level hiking/camping equipment at an unbeatable price.

While Ozark Trail’s offerings are comprehensive and can be ideal for fair weather conditions, impromptu hikes, or weekends away. Its products are often bulkier and made from lower-quality materials compared to higher-end brands. This can impact factors like weight, weatherproofing, and overall durability. As a result, the brand may not be the best choice for activities like backpacking or extensive travel where lightweight and top-notch performance is crucial.

Ozark Trail is the most budget option on our list and offers a cost-effective entry point for outdoor enthusiasts but may not meet the standards of those looking for longer-lasting and higher-performing gear.

Outdoor Brands For Hikers On A Budget

TETON Sports

Headquarters: U.S.A

Specialty: Hiking and camping equipment

Website: Click here

TETON Sports has carved a niche in the outdoor gear industry by providing entry-level enthusiasts with high-quality products that strike a balance between affordability and performance. Founded in 2005, this fairly new brand has demonstrated a keen understanding of the needs and preferences of the outdoor adventurer.

At the core of TETON Sports’ strategy is its direct-to-consumer model, which streamlines the supply chain and eliminates unnecessary markups. This approach ensures that customers receive maximum value for their investment. The brand’s commitment to in-house design and testing is pivotal in maintaining its reputation for reliability.

Their dedicated team of designers and engineers are all hikers and campers who love spending time in the mountains. They design things that they themselves would want to use, which leads to some pretty great products!

TETON Sports also embraces customer feedback as a catalyst for improvement. This feedback loop enables them to fine-tune their offerings based on real-world usage and evolving requirements, resulting in gear that genuinely resonates with outdoor enthusiasts.

What sets TETON Sports apart is its ability to provide a comprehensive array of outdoor equipment without compromising on quality. From sleeping bags and backpacks to tents and camping accessories, their diverse product range caters to various needs, making it convenient for customers to acquire everything they require from a single trusted source.

Hi tec logo


Headquarters: U.K., The Netherlands

Specialty: Hiking boots

Website: Click here

Hi-Tec is an iconic outdoor footwear brand that makes some pretty amazing hiking boots at a seriously good price! Perfect for hikers on a budget

Originally famous for its squash shoes and the 80s classic shoe “Siver Shadows”. The brand has moved towards the outdoor sports market and creates a great range of hiking boots, hiking shoes, and trail running shoes. This range is very well priced considering the quality and ability of the products and the technology incorporated in the designs.

Hi-Tec’s direct-to-consumer model allows them to maintain better control over pricing and product quality. This distribution approach eliminates intermediaries, ensuring that customers receive the best bang for their buck.

The brand also incorporates many of its own technologies into the boots and shoes, creating their own features such as waterproofing (Dri-Tech) and cushioned soles (Geo foam). This saves money for the brand and also the customer by removing the cost of paying large technologies such as Gore-Tex for manufacturing rights.

While Hi-Tec’s products are more affordable, they do not compromise on essential features like comfort and functionality. The brand understands the importance of delivering gear that performs well under diverse outdoor conditions, ensuring a positive experience for users.

Coleman Logo


Headquarters: U.S.A

Specialty: Camping

Website: Click here

Coleman is a well-established brand in the outdoor and camping equipment industry, renowned for its high-quality and affordable products. With a diverse range of offerings, including tents, grills, coolers, lighting, sleeping bags, and more, Coleman has been a trusted choice for outdoor enthusiasts for over a century. Founded by W.C. Coleman, the brand’s legacy dates back to the invention of the portable gas-powered lantern, which revolutionized outdoor lighting.

Throughout its history, Coleman has maintained a focus on providing practical and durable gear for various outdoor activities. The brand’s reputation has been built on delivering reliable products that cater to the needs of both beginners and experienced campers. Coleman’s wide array of offerings covers essentials for camping, picnics, and outdoor adventures, making it a comprehensive resource for outdoor enthusiasts.

From their headquarters in Chicago, Coleman has expanded its reach worldwide, offering accessible and reliable equipment to customers across the globe. The brand’s commitment to quality is evident through partnerships with reputable organizations like Tentrr, KOA, and Leave No Trace, further enhancing the outdoor experience for its customers.

Coleman’s brand reputation, commitment to quality, and comprehensive product range make it a preferred choice for outdoor enthusiasts seeking dependable gear at a great price.

keen logo


Headquarters: U.S.A

Specialty: Footwear

Website: Click here

For hikers on a budget, looking for reliable footwear for their next adventure, Keen hiking boots are a fantastic option.

Crafted with high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail, these boots can handle even the toughest trails, making them a cost-effective investment for hikers seeking longevity.

Additionally, Keen’s focus on comfort is evident in its design elements such as cushioned insoles, spacious toe boxes, and supportive midsoles. This emphasis on comfort ensures that hikers can enjoy longer treks without discomfort or foot fatigue, which is especially important for beginners who may be prone to blisters or discomfort.

With a wide range of styles catering to different types of trails and outdoor activities, Keen’s hiking boots offer versatility without breaking the bank.

Finally, Keen’s strong brand reputation for producing dependable outdoor footwear adds an extra layer of confidence for buyers seeking quality craftsmanship and design.

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