Stava X The mountain network

The Mountain Network X STRAVA

In an exciting leap towards bringing the outdoor community closer than ever, The Mountain Network has officially made its debut on STRAVA. Adventure seekers and fitness enthusiasts can now share their mountainous conquests, trail experiences, and outdoor escapades on our favorite platform!

The Mountain Network’s arrival on The platform is set to elevate the way we connect and share our love for the great outdoors. Fueling your passion to explore further, higher, and faster than ever before.

A Meeting of Adventure Enthusiasts

Strava, the leading social network for athletes, is already well-known for its capacity to unite people from diverse backgrounds and interests. The Mountain Network Strava group opens up a whole new world of opportunities for adventure enthusiasts, mountain lovers, and those who appreciate the great outdoors. Whether you’re a seasoned mountaineer or a casual hiker, Strava is the ideal platform for connecting with like-minded individuals who share your passion for the mountains.

Why The Mountain Network on Strava?

  1. Community Building: The Mountain Network on Strava offers a dedicated space for like-minded athletes to come together and celebrate their mountain adventures. The club is full of fellow enthusiasts and participates in challenges to build a strong sense of community. Use this group to find other athletes in your area and join them on their next adventure!
  2. Track Your Progress: Strava’s tracking features enable you to monitor your performance and progress as you tackle various mountain trails. With detailed data on your speed, elevation, and distance covered, you can see your improvements over time.
  3. Share Your Stories: Strava isn’t just about numbers. it’s also about sharing your personal stories and experiences. Upload photos, write captions, and relive your mountain adventures with a supportive audience.
  4. Discover New Trails: Connect with The Mountain Network Strava Group and discover exciting new trails, routes, and outdoor locations. You’ll never run out of fresh, challenging paths to explore. Feel free to ask others about their routes and find hidden gems in places you never thought to look.
  5. Compete and Collaborate: Challenge yourself by competing with others on segment leaderboards, or collaborate with fellow mountain lovers on group challenges and adventures. Strava makes it easy to share your achievements and inspire others.
  6. Advice and Stewardship: The members of this community collectively have hundreds if not thousands of years of experience in all kinds of conditions all over the world. Feel free to ask for advice from the network about routes, gear, seasons, or best practices. The aim is to create a friendly atmosphere where everyone from all levels is welcome.
  7. Dish out some Kudos: The Strava Kudos button is a great feature and gives athletes a sense of pride in their recent adventure, don´t be shy! dish out that kudos to other athletes on the regular and enjoy bringing some good vibes to the group.

How to Get Started

If you already have a Strava account, just click here

If you don’t have a Strava account, Joining The Mountain Network on Strava is easy and free. Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Create a Strava Account: If you’re not already a member of Strava, sign up for a free account on their website or mobile app, just click here
  2. Search for The Mountain Network: Once logged in, search for The Mountain Network and follow their club page.
  3. Start Sharing: Begin uploading your adventures, whether it’s a challenging hike, a breathtaking mountain bike ride, or a trail run. Use Strava to document your journey and connect with fellow enthusiasts.

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