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Magene Heart Rate Monitor Issues (And How To Fix Them)

Magene Heart Rate Monitors are a low-budget and very effective piece of gear. Allowing athletes to accurately keep an eye on their heart rate on a wide range of devices whilst out exercising.

The monitors are compatible with both ANT+ devices and Bluetooth apps for dual data recording. They can connect to various fitness equipment and are suitable for a wide range of sports. With durable construction, they offer IP67 water resistance (not for swimming) and boast an impressive battery life of up to 1000 hours, making it a reliable fitness companion.

I have used my Magene heart rate monitor for many an adventure over the past 2 years and have always been impressed by how easily it connects with my devices and how accurate the readings are. That said, I have encountered a few issues with the monitor but going through the process described below I have always brought it back to life.

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Common Issues With the Magene Heart Rate Monitor

The main issues I have encountered with the monitor are

  • Not connecting with a device
  • Abnormal heart rate (heart rate way too high!)
  • Heart rate cutting out during a ride
  • Connecting the monitor to Strava on an iPhone

How To Fix Issues with the Magene Heart Rate Monitor

By following the sequence below you should be able to troubleshoot almost all issues encountered with Magene monitors, If this doesn’t work, it is time to either contact Magene for a warranty or find a new monitor

Remove battery from Magene Heart rate monitor

Check Battery

This is by far the most common issue with every heart rate monitor. Magene monitors take CR2032 batters which are very common and cheap to replace. Sometimes even taking the original battery out and putting it back in can be enough to fix the issue.

To remove the battery, simply use a coin or butter knife to twist the rear panel anti-clockwise to unlock and it will pop open, revealing the battery. Before replacing the battery cap, check the seal is in place as this can affect the waterproofing of the monitor. 

Check The Electrode Contacts

Check the electrode contacts on the strap or sensor. They should be clean and free from sweat, lotion, or other substances that may interfere with signal transmission.

I suggest giving all connections a quick rinse after use to ensure your salty sweat does not corrode the connections.

Moisten The Strap

Ensure that the strap or sensor is moistened adequately with water, a little spit, or conductive gel. A dry strap may not provide accurate readings.

Once you start to sweat this will also help readings.


Make sure the heart rate monitor is positioned correctly. It should be snug but not too tight around your chest, with the left of the strap being positioned close to your heart. Some Magene heart rate monitors have a left and right mark on the back of the body of the unit. Ensure this is the right way round


If you are getting strange readings from your heart rate monitor, forget and re-pair the monitor on your device.

If you are having issues pairing in the first place, ensure Bluetooth or ANT+ is switched on and you are not connected with any other devices.

Magene HR monitors can connect with many devices at the same time but some devices will only be able to connect to 1 HR monitor, ensure you have not connected to another nearby monitor by mistake.


Ensure that your heart rate monitor is compatible with the device or app you are using to display the heart rate data. Some monitors are designed for specific platforms and may not have Bluetooth or ANT+ compatibility

magene factrory reset

Factory Reset

Not many people know this but you can factory reset almost any heart rate monitor. This will fix issues such as unusual heart rate readings (abnormally high readings are common) and some connectivity issues.

To factory reset your Magene Heart rate Monitor: 

  1. Remove the battery cap and battery from the unit.
  2. Inside the recess, you will see 2 metal connections, 1 below the battery and 1 to the side of the recess.
  3. Use a paperclip, screwdriver, or any metal object that can bridge the gap between these 2 points. Lightly connect the 2 points and hold for 10 seconds.
  4. Reinstall the battery and cap
  5. Test it out on a device that you know works with the device

Signal Interference

Be aware of potential sources of signal interference, such as other electronic devices or other individuals with heart rate monitors nearby. This can disrupt the signal.

Test with Another Device

To rule out issues with the receiving device (e.g., smartphone or fitness tracker), try connecting your heart rate monitor to a different device to see if the issue persists.

Contact Customer Support

If the issue persists, contact Magene’s customer support or consult the user manual for troubleshooting specific to your model. They can provide further assistance and may offer warranty support if applicable. You can contact Magene customer support by clicking here

Pairing Magene HR Monitor With Strava on iPhone

Many people have an issue pairing the Bluetooth device with Strava on an iPhone. When done correctly this is simple to do…Heres how

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone
  2. Do not find and connect to your HR monitor in the Iphone menu (this will block Strava from connecting)
  3. Open Strava
  4. Click on the Record an Activity button
  5. Before pressing record, click on the heart rate icon
  6. At this point, your Magene heart rate monitor should show in the available devices section (It will probably be shown as a number such as 7866-194)
  7. Click to connect and check that your HR is now shown on the activity screen.
  8. Press record and enjoy yourself
  9. Don´t forget to join and share your ride on the Strava X Mountain Network Group, click here to join.

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