Is WEDZE By Decathalon A Good Brand?

If you are shopping for ski and snowboard equipment and clothing that won´t break the bank, you may have come across the brand Wed´ze. This brand is owned and sold exclusively by retail giant Decathlon who are well known in the sports world for producing entry-level gear for almost any sport you can think of! From spearfishing to hiking, this worldwide brand with French origins has got you covered!

In this article, we will look deeper into the WEDZE brand and find out if their budget-friendly winter gear can compete with some of the big names. Let’s dive in…

The WEDZE Brand

Established in 2006, Wed’ze stands as Decathlon’s dedicated brand for skiing, snowboarding, and sledging. Covering a spectrum from downhill, to freeriding, touring and freestyling, Wed’ze is committed to making winter sports accessible to enthusiasts of all levels and styles.

The creative and design hub of Wed’ze operates in the heart of the French Alps, in the iconic valley of Mont-Blanc. Close to some of the best slopes and skiers/ boarders in the world, it is the ideal place to design and test products.

The collaborative efforts of Wed’ze’s team, including designers, garment designers, product managers, and engineers, take shape through interactions with skiers and snowboarders. Their collective goal is to conceptualize and craft technical equipment that caters to the needs and preferences of athletes, all with the ultimate aim of ensuring customer satisfaction.

Wed’ze prides itself on providing a range of ski and snowboard equipment that reflects the passion and expertise of its team, delivering on the diverse requirements of sports enthusiasts.

Is Wedze a good brand

What does WEDZE Mean?

The term “Wed’ze” in the local Savoyard dialect encapsulates the essence of “slide, skid, jump” – a vibrant expression that signifies a carefree and energetic state of mind. Embodying this spirit, Wed’ze extends its philosophy from downhill skiing to freeride, encompassing the entire spectrum, including freestyle.

The core belief of Wed’ze is to embrace the slopes without reservations, encouraging individuals to explore a diverse array of exhilarating snow sports sensations, regardless of their skill level

What does WEDZE Sell?

The Wedze brand produces and sells pretty much everything associated with winter sports including:

  • Ski/ Snowboard Clothing: Including Jackets, Trousers, Ski Suits, Thermals, Fleeces, Sweatshirts, Socks, Hats, Snoods, Neck Warmers, Gloves and Mittens
  • Skis and Snowboards for every discipline including cross-country skiing ski touring and splitboarding
  • Ski and Snowboard Equipment: Including boots, goggles, helmets, ski poles, body armour
  • Accessories: Ski/ Board Bags and Boot Bags, Backpacks, Sunglasses, Hand and Foot Warmers, wax and service equipment


WEDZE In Comparison To Other Brands

Wed´ze as a brand is primarily focused on the entry-level winter sports enthusiast and is priced to allow people to hit the slopes with quality gear, on a minimal budget.

What often surprises people is the quality of the gear that Wed´ze manufactures in comparison to other brands. For some label snobs, wearing anything else but big brands such as The North Face and Peak Performance might be out of the question, But hear me out! The Wed´ze brand actually makes some great quality winter sports gear.

To hit the lower price points, Decathlon skips adding technology such as BOA and Gore-Tex which costs a fortune in licensing fees. They instead copy/develop their own technology which is often arguably as good as the original. What’s more, you will only find Wed´ze in Decathlon shops. This cuts out the retail middleman, meaning all profit goes directly to Decathlon, allowing them to bring down the prices.

Many of The Mountain Network staff use Wed´ze products alongside name-brand products as they produce some great products that don´t shrink in the wash, lose their color or fall apart whilst out on the mountain.

Here are some examples of Wed´ze gear versus brand competitors:

Wed´ze – Mens Insulated Ski Jacket VS The North Face -Inclination Jacket

Let’s look at these insulated black ski jackets from Wed´ze and The North Face.

Feature Wed´ze – Mens Insulated Ski JacketThe North Face -Inclination Jacket
Price 100§ / 95 Euros / 90 GBP500$ / 460 Euros / 400 GBP
Insulation Synthetic-free fiber insulation, for use down to -9°C.Heatseeker™ Eco Advanced insulation
Waterproofing 15,000 mm membrane and taped seams.20,000 mm Membrane and taped seams 
Pockets 5 pockets: 2 hands, 1 pass pocket, 1 interior and 1 mask net.6 pockets: 2 hands, 1 pass, 1 interior, 2 chest
Breathability Breathable strip on the back Mesh-lined underarm venting for temperature regulation
Guarantee2 years Lifetime 
Weight 1100 grams 1004 grams 

As you can see The North Face Inclination Jacket is a little more waterproof, and has a few more features than the Wed´ze insulated ski jacket but at 5 X the price, you would hope so! Both are similar-looking jackets with fashionable cuts and design features that are great for a day on the mountain.

Wed´ze Wool Ski & Snowboard Socks VS Peak Performance Magic Ski Socks 

Price 22$ / 20 Eur / 18 GBP55$ / 50 Eur / 45 GBP
Composition Socks 54% Polyamide, 38% Wool, 5% Polypropylene, 3% Elastane55% Wool Merino, 43% Polyamide, 2% Elastane
  • Moisture wicking 
  • Medium thickness, perfect for all mountain use
  • Anti-friction thread 
  • Foot specific ergonomics 
  • Non-irritation position seams 
  • Shin reinforcement
  • Elastic ankles  
  • Moisture wicking 
  • Medium thickness, perfect for all mountain use
  • Left/right anatomical design
  • Stay-up top
  • Flat toe seam
  • Reinforced sole
  • Elastic arch support

As you can see in the above table the Wed´ze Snowsports sock offers a similar construction and many of the same features as the Peak Performance sock but for less than half the price. The one defining factor in the Peak Performance sock is the elastic arch support which can be important for more advanced skiers or snowboarders, looking for more comfort and control. For intermediate skiers/ snowboarders looking for a solid holiday sock or for winter sports lovers on a budget, the Wed´ze option would be more than sufficient.

Wedze J_acket

So, Is WEDZE By Decathlon A Good Brand?

From the products we have tested and from others we have compared with large brands, Wed’ze appears to be a good brand, especially for individuals looking for budget-friendly winter sports gear. More advanced snow sports enthusiasts might also find some great staple products within the Wedze range such as thermals, socks and hats.

Here are a few things we love about the WED´ZE Products


Wed’ze is part of the retail giant Decathlon, known for producing entry-level gear at reasonable prices. This makes winter sports gear accessible to a broad audience, allowing people to enjoy skiing and snowboarding without breaking the bank. It also offers winter sports newcomers an affordable way to make their first turns and fall in love with snow without oo much investment.


Despite being budget-friendly, Wed’ze makes some good quality gear! The brand manufactures products that, while lacking some high-end technologies found in premium brands, still provide satisfactory performance for the average winter sports enthusiast.

Design and Testing

Wed’ze products are designed and tested in the French Alps, close to famous skiing and snowboarding locations such as Chamonix and Megeve. The products are designed and tested in collaboration with skiers, snowboarders and winter sports aficionados, ensuring they meet the needs and preferences of everyone heading into the mountains.

Diverse Range

Wed’ze covers a wide spectrum of winter sports, including downhill skiing, freeriding, touring, and freestyling. The brand offers a variety of products, from clothing and equipment to accessories, catering to different styles and levels of winter sports enthusiasts.

In-House Technology

To keep costs low, Decathlon, and by extension, Wed’ze, develops and uses its own technologies rather than licensing expensive ones. The brand focuses on providing functional and cost-effective alternatives that easily compete with some of the big players.

Direct Sales

Wed’ze is available exclusively in Decathlon shops, cutting out the retail middleman. This allows Decathlon to pass on the cost savings directly to customers, resulting in more affordable prices. It also makes warranty and returns very easy.

So, is Wed´ze a good brand? We would say yes! It perfectly fills a gap in the winter sports market, providing great gear and a friendly price. It might not have the cool points of Dope Snow, or the prestige of Moncler but if you want to get out there and let your skiing do the talking this might just be the brand for you.

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