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Is Dope Snow A Good Brand?

Dislike it or love it, Dope Snow has hit the world of snowboarding and skiing like a wrecking ball!

These days It’s hard to cruise the slopes of your local resort without seeing at least 2 or 3 riders wearing one of the many unique designs that Dope Snow produces.

These designs although sometimes loud and garish seem to have truly spoken to the Instagram and TikTok generation who care less about looking like the hottest Uber pro and more about a down-to-earth influencer with impeccable style.

1. Brand History

In 2006, 2 Swedish brothers Emil and Linus, started to build a brand that would change their lives, and snowboarding for good. Faced with a scarcity of quality gear, they embarked on a venture. Importing sought-after snowboard equipment and clothing from the US through their online store Ridestore.

What started as a modest endeavour to cater to a close circle of friends soon skyrocketed into a huge business.

Transitioning from retailing established brands, they encountered a recurring trend: a surplus of amazing product concepts disregarded by the industry giants. This realization along with listening to the wants of the average snowboarder prompted a novel approach – Empowering the customer as the quintessential brand influencer.

Rather than sponsoring pros and spending their budget on expensive video shoots. They reached out to the snowboarding community via social media, empowering them to make content and money by promoting the brand. This was not a new concept but had yet to be perfected by any other snowboard apparel brands.

Dope Snow and its sister company Montec redefined the rules. Abandoning traditional corporate structures, and forging ahead to curate a bespoke line of snow gear with the rider community as its cornerstone.

With the embodiment of two snowboard fanatics at its helm, Dope symbolizes a movement led by riders themselves and stays relevant to current trends by listening to their community. This brand champions aspirations for mountain adventures, harnessing creativity whilst keeping prices at an entry-level point.

Many will find that Dope Snow has lower prices than many of their competitors for a similar quality of apparel and technology. This is due to their direct-to-consumer model meaning that they only sell direct from their website, you will not find Dope Snow in shops. By cutting out the middleman the brand can pass on the value straight to the customer. This is a great pricing model but can lead to difficulties when finding the correct fit or returning damaged or warranty items.

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2. Brand Ethos And Mission

The company states that it embodies a philosophy of co-creation, going beyond the conventional direct-to-consumer model. Instead of merely selling products, they actively engage customers in their journey, valuing their input in every aspect of the business. This collaborative approach, from product development to website functionality, stems directly from customer feedback, making them an integral part of the brand’s evolution.

Their ethos revolves around delivering exceptional experiences. For them, it’s not solely about the products; it’s about nurturing a community where customers feel esteemed. They focus on exceeding expectations, ensuring each interaction, from customer support to product unboxing, surpasses the norm.

The brand champions individual expression, opting for innovation over conformity. Their diverse range of patterns and colors allows customers to assert their unique style, fostering an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity.

Quality stands as a cornerstone of their identity. They prioritize top-tier materials and techniques, striving to create snow gear designed to withstand the test of time, showcasing an unwavering commitment to durability and longevity.

Moreover, fairness is ingrained in their pricing strategy. By eliminating unnecessary expenses and opting for year-round reasonable prices, they avoid resorting to hype-driven sales tactics, focusing instead on providing consistent value to their customers.

3. Reputation Among The Snowboard And Ski Community

This is where Dope Snow really divides opinion…

Snowboarding has for decades been built on legacy brands such as Burton, Volcom, 686 and The North Face. Such brands have invested a lot of time, money and effort to bring snowboarding to where it is now. Development has been achieved through working with professional riders to push the limits of snowboard clothing to the max. Building from where such items have failed. Sure, they have made a lot of money along the way but without such brands, we would still be riding in jeans and a ski jacket.

The Old Timers

Many older snowboarders respect the legacy of snowboarding and the origin brands. They very much dislike that a young buck has entered the chat and is breaking the mould with regard to how snowboard clothing is designed and advertised. Even by reading this article your social feed and Google searches will now be filled with endless beautiful young models in attractive Dope Snow gear.

Before Dope Snow, to make money from snowboarding you had to be a pretty darn good snowboarder, putting your life on the line to come up with a good enough video part year on year to stay sponsored and keep that paycheck coming in. A dope snow influencer needs no skill apart from enjoying snowboarding, looking good and making great content…But what’s wrong with that?. At the end of the day, there is enough room in the industry for both legacy and new brands to exist alongside each other.

New Kids On The Block

It seems new snowboarders and more open-minded old-timers are more than happy to embrace the cool colourways and up-to-date styles that Dope Snow offers by the truckload. As an old timer myself, I was very much against the brand in its first few years of trading but have had my mind changed after inspecting the quality of the products and some of the more modest designs.

Like it or hate it Dope Snow is here to stay and is unmatched when it comes to bringing the next generation of snowsports lovers into the brand. Rocking a Dope Snow outfit on the slopes is just as cool as any of the other hundreds of winter sports brands out there, and if you don´t like it…Maybe think back to when Skiers hated snowboarders because they were new and different.

4. Is Dope Snow A Good Brand

Dope Snow has made a significant impact in the snowboarding and skiing scene, gaining widespread recognition and a solid presence among snow sports enthusiasts.

Their approach differs from traditional brands by valuing customer input, using social media to engage the snowboarding community, and empowering customers to shape the brand’s direction. Despite some initial scepticism, Dope Snow has impressed both new snowboarders and more open-minded older riders with its quality products and diverse designs.

Dope Snow’s ethos centres on co-creation, emphasizing community involvement in every aspect of the business, from product development to website functionality. The brand prioritizes exceptional customer experiences, individual expression, top-tier quality, fair pricing, and sustainability throughout its operations.

Regarding the comparison with Montec, another brand under Ridestore, while both share core values, they cater to different market segments. Montec emphasizes performance and durability, while Dope Snow offers cost-effective, fashion-forward designs. Ultimately, the choice between these brands boils down to personal preferences for style, cost, or functionality.

Regarding its availability. Dope Snow operates solely through its website, adopting a direct-to-consumer model. this provides competitive pricing and a controlled brand experience. The brand’s commitment to sustainability is evident through their efforts to reduce waste and environmental impact, employing eco-conscious materials and innovative packaging methods.

Overall, Dope Snow has garnered both praise and criticism within the snowboarding community. While some enthusiasts value the brand’s innovative designs and approach, others, particularly those attached to legacy brands, have reservations about its disruptive impact. Nonetheless, the brand has established itself as a prominent force in the industry. Attracting new generations of snow sports enthusiasts with its diverse offerings and modern approach.

5. Why Do People Hate On Dope Snow?

Being a new kid on the block and coming into the sport with loud colors and aggressive marketing has not won the hearts of a large section of the snowboard community. I myself was pretty outraged at first. Constantly receiving ads on my feed portraying youthful riders who seem more into posing than actually snowboarding. It reminded me of those Abercrombie and Fitch ads that received so much hate back in the day.

It seems that the brand has now settled into snowboarding and has very much found its place on the resort. Whether you like it or not, the Dope Snow tribe is here to stay…At least until something new comes along anyway.

But internet forums being internet forums, the war still rages on!

To save you the time trawling Reddit or Quora we have summarized the main reasons that people hate on Dope Snow… Read on

Target Demographic

Some snowboarders and skiers feel that Dope Snow and Montec appeal to a demographic that is not well-connected or respected within the community. There is a perception that they target individuals who are more interested in the aesthetics and trends rather than the performance and quality of the gear.

Quality Concerns

Criticisms include claims that the gear from Dope Snow and Montec is considered overpriced and underbuilt, suggesting that the quality may not match the cost. Many riders argue that there are better options available at a similar price point from more established and reputable brands.

Lack of Industry Connection

Many argue that these brands lack a solid, reasonable connection to the ski/snowboard community. The brands are likened to fast fashion in the skiing world, with a focus on style and trends rather than supporting the industry or engaging in active research to advance gear technology. Neither Dope Snow nor Montec runs competitions, sponsors pro riders or adds any community value to winter sports.

Marketing Strategies

Dope Snow is accused of relying heavily on Instagram campaigns and targeting social media users who may not be well-informed about the quality and performance aspects of snow gear. This could contribute to a perception of the brands as more focused on image than substance and performance.

Direct-to-Consumer Model

The choice to primarily sell directly to consumers is a  factor that is viewed negatively. Some argue that this business decision may not support local markets and shops in mountain towns.

Comparisons to Established Brands

Many snowboarders and skiers feel that spending a bit more on proven, sport-backed gear from established brands might be a better investment than opting for Dope Snow or Montec.


6. Common Questions About Dope Snow

1. Are Dope Snow And Montec The Same Company?

In essence, Montec and Dope, both originating from Ridestore, share core values and design principles, yet boast distinctive features catering to snowsports enthusiasts.

While aligned in fundamental philosophies, these brands diverge in gear choices, styles, and pricing. Contrary to popular belief, Montec isn’t simply a more technical version of Dope. Though Montec emphasizes performance and durability, Dope surprises with its versatile offerings.

Dope offers cost-effective, fashion-forward designs emphasizing comfort and functionality, appealing to both beginners and seasoned riders. Montec targets performance-oriented users with durable gear designed for harsh weather conditions.

The brands cater to diverse market segments, offering a blend of style, cost-effectiveness, and performance. Choosing between Montec and Dope primarily hinges on preferences regarding style, cost, or functionality.

Comparing the brands:

  • Durability: Montec’s jackets exhibit superior durability compared to Dope.
  • Pricing: Montec falls in the higher price range, whereas Dope offers more affordable options.
  • Waterproofing: Montec jackets have a higher waterproof rating than Dope.
  • Insulation: Montec employs synthetic fill insulation for enhanced warmth compared to Dope.
  • Ventilation: Both brands provide breathability features.
  • Quality and Selection: Both brands maintain high-quality materials and a wide variety of styles.

Ultimately, the choice between Montec and Dope rests on individual preferences. – Montec leans towards functionality and weight, while Dope prioritizes style and performance.

2. Is Dope Snow Sold In Stores?

Dope Snow operates as an online-only retailer, selling its snowboarding gear, apparel, and accessories through its official website. They’ve focused on a direct-to-consumer approach, providing their products directly to customers through their online platform. This allows for more competitive pricing along with more control over the brand experience and customer interaction.

3. Where Is Dope Snow From?

Dope Snow originated in Sweden but is now available worldwide

4. Is Dope Snow A Sustainable Brand?

Many online forum warriors think that Dope Snow mass produces soulless clothing in Asian sweatshops but they are very wrong!

The brand´s ethos mirrors the resilience and boundary-pushing spirit of mountain enthusiasts. Their supply chain scrutiny delves into the treatment of every fabric strand and worker.

Their dedication is evident in efforts to minimize plastic packaging, emissions, and water usage. The brandphilosophy revolves around the sustainability mantra: the most eco-friendly garment is the one never created. This belief steers their creation of durable, recycled gear, rigorously tested to withstand the test of time and be passed down through generations.

Their sustainable innovation spans:

  • Employing eco-conscious materials throughout their product range
  • Crafting designs focused on moisture repulsion and optimal breathability
  • Pioneering packaging methods to reduce reliance on plastic
  • Transforming plastic bottles into fibers for their products’ construction

They ensure fair and safe production environments for all contributors, striving to rejuvenate garments to minimize waste while contemplating the essence of sustainable fashion.

5. Are Dope Snow Jackets and Pants Good?

All Dope Snow clothing and accessories receive great reviews from beginners and pros alike. They have a wide range of products starting from entry level up to pro specifications.

The brand uses many of the same technologies as some of the best brands in the business such as 15k waterproofing, taped seams and high levels of breathability. They keep the price down by avoiding name-brand technology such as Gore-tex but do copy such technologies to compete.

6. What Products Does Dope Snow Sell?

The brand offers a huge range of products such as:

  • Jackets
  • Pants
  • Ski Masks
  • Fleeces
  • Thermal Underwear
  • Sweaters/Pullovers
  • T-shirts
  • Beanies
  • Snowboard Gloves
  • Ski Helmets
  • Neck Gaiters
  • Caps
  • Ski Socks

7. Similar Brands To Dope Snow

Several brands offer similar products and philosophies to Dope Snow within the snowboarding and outdoor gear industry. Some brands with comparable offerings in terms of quality, style, and commitment to sustainability include:

  1. Montec: Known for functional, durable, and affordably priced snowboarding gear, Montec shares similarities with Dope Snow in quality and performance.
  2. Picture Organic Clothing: Emphasizing eco-friendly materials and sustainability, Picture Organic Clothing offers a range of snowboarding apparel and accessories.
  3. 686: This brand focuses on technical and innovative snowboarding gear, blending performance and style.
  4. Ride Snowboards: Similar to Dope Snow, Ride Snowboards focuses on producing high-quality gear with a balance of performance and style.
  5. Volcom: Known for its streetwear-inspired designs, Volcom offers a range of snowboarding apparel, emphasizing durability and style.
  6. Decathlon: Known for its entry-level yet high-quality gear, Decathlon´s Snowsports brand WEDZE is the go-to place for riders on a budget

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